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Illustrating the small things in life 

It was October 2018 I hopped on a plane with a one-way ticket to Germany. I landed in Dusseldorf and came straight to Cologne, with a relatively small suitcase full with clothes and another bigger suitcase, filled with hopes, many questions and little answers.

I’m Wan Raitelli, a curious, creative person that enjoys exploring and documenting life through her illustrations. All the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Cologne, a city that is slowly becoming my home. 

My illustration journey started when I first grabbed a pencil and doodle on white pages…

…but started to feel like something I was supposed to be doing by 2016. Finishing my bachelors in Photography, working on a 9-5 and co-funding a photography studio, all at the same time, days felt as if they lack meaning and fun.

Therefore I created the “Mis días en Papel” project, where I would draw each thing that would happen in my day for two months straight, just to see that not everyday was the same. Since then, it was all an adventure that involved my creativity and my love for documenting the small things in life with a pen and a notebook. 

After finishing my degree and quitting my 9-5, I’ve traveled for quite a bit and realized that when you don’t have a house with a desk and a tea pot, you need to have your magical places to connect with your creativity and start creating. To this day, my go-to magical creative places remain being coffee shops (I even started a passion project illustrating each one I’d visit!). In Cologne, I’ve found to be my favorite spots Einbrand and Ernst, located in Südstadt. I also frequent a lot of parks and love getting inspired by the lovely landscapes that the city has to offer. 

What I remember to be the first CreativeMornings event I assisted was back in 2012, in Buenos Aires. I was still in university and felt eager to connect with other creatives and people who were already in the business of design, photography and art. 

When you move abroad, the perspective might seem dreamy, yet you must start from scratch: you’re a stranger to the city and need to build yourself again, not only as a person but also as a professional. That’s when I searched CreativeMornings gatherings and felt relieved to see Cologne could provide me with a space where I could freely meet other creative minds and speak the same language, in a chill, inspiring environment.

What am I doing now?

Well, let’s say the agenda is hectic! Full time freelancing as an illustrator, working with clients for different projects (from design and illustration for small business and entrepreneurs to big law firms), illustrating what will become my first graphic novel, writing newsletters every month and drinking coffee, one cup at a time (okay maybe two).

Where can you find me?
Website: wanraitelli.de
Instagram: @wanraitelli
Monthly newsletter: wanraitelli.de/newsletter

And if you want us to create something together let’s have a chat over a coffee!

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