I’m losing my sh#!!

For many of us, Corona has brought a severe disruption to our lives. For some, this has brought about a negative psychological impact, as Corona is something new, dangerous and threatening. Our brain, in turn, reacts with panic and is kicked in overdrive as our stability is being endangered. With the virus being a pandemic, this is leading to a global, challenged reaction.

Don’t panic, however, says our friend Claudia Dalchow during a CreativeMornings lunch break. The most important thing right now is to be ok with not finding balance right. To be ok with your emotions coming and going in waves. To accept the chaotic situation. Claudia has come up with nine fantastic tips to calm your nerves and to help you regain your emotional balance:

  1. Get up. Many people stay in bed and are too comfortable just because they can. Starting and sticking to a routine is crucial for productivity and well-being in times like right now.
  2. After getting up, make your bed, get some light and get some air. Even if it is just standing by your window and stretching a bit.
  3. Exercise. Even small amounts of exercise are fine, as it gets your brain going. If you’re absolutely not feeling like a workout, even small movement patterns such as dancing around to your favorite music can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.
  4. Dress up. We know you’re staying in. But trick your body into getting into productivity mode by dressing for the part!
  5. Eat fresh veggies and fruit. Vitamin C, Zink, D3 + K2 and Omega 3 are especially important in times of Corona.
  6. Meditate. Meditation does not mean that you have to sit still and do nothing. Try a mindfulness meditative approach to help your brain sort itself. Meditation is key to being constructive rather than destructive.
  7. If you feel challenged about cleaning your house, give yourself the push you need. If you have kids kids, gamify it. Try to make it a fun exercise as you all try to grab as many things and put them where they belong in ten minutes! If you are by yourself, go in ten minute sprints. You will thank yourself for dedicating those ten minutes per day to your living space.
  8. Block out time with no possible interruptions for the things you need to get done. Turn off the wifi, turn off your phone. However you can, try and find as many periods throughout your day with 100% focus.
  9. Be with your feelings. Listen to yourself and evaluate what you feel truly passionate about.

About our Speaker

Claudia Dalchow is a German actress, voice artist, author and coach. She studied communication design at the FH Düssedorf and worked as an art director for a few years, before she allowed her passion for acting to take over. She worked with world-renowned acting coaches like Larry Moss, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, Giles Foreman and MK Lewis in Los Angeles, Berlin, Cologne and London. In 2007 she was nominated „Best Newcomer Actress“ in NRW in the critiques’ survey of „theater pur“ for her second appearance on stage ever. 

She speaks four languages fluently and is currently performing in three of them. Her voice can be heard in several audio books and documentaries, she does dubbing work for TV and cinema and sings gospel, pop and musical. She is co-author of the book „CAMERA ACTING – Das Schauspieltraining“ by Nick Dong-Sik, which was published in September 2015 at UVK Verlagsgesellschaft. 

As a coach she works with young actors as well as business people on body language, stage presence and passionate creative expression.

Text by Tizian Mössner

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