Uganda Donations

Since April 2019, we’ve been supporting the ESHE aid project in Uganda along with Daniela Reinartz (Social Spirit). You can read the detailed report here: „We believe in giving a damn!„. During our morning events, you can find our small donation box next to the breakfast. We’d be happy if you could help us finance an important teacher for the children of Kireka Banda.

Follow our current donation status here:

April: 106,80 EUR 
May: 128,90 EUR 
June: 170,30 EUR 
July: 205,70 EUR 

It’s important to our team in Cologne to make a difference through our events. This could be, as is the case with us, supporting a humanitarian project or anything else that inspires others to become active themselves. Here’s a nice article from our volunteer, Cecilia Tejeda: „Inspired by CreativeMornings Global Theme „Craft“ (06/18)“.

If we’ve also motivated you to proactively do something good, tell us about it!

Text by Nadine Prowaznik and Daniela Reinartz ( Social Spirit)
Photos by
ESHE and Vera Drewke

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