Inspired by CreativeMornings Global Theme „Craft“ (06/18)

Hi my name is Cecilia, I was born in Guatemala City in Central America and for the past 18 years have lived in Germany.

In June of last year, I joined for the first time the CreativeMornings chapter in Cologne. I looked forward to the presentation about the topic „Craft“ and the hands on screen printing exercise scheduled for that day. How would the presentation be? Who are the other participants? 

I found it amazing to get to know other points of view about „Craft“ and also to set my creativity to work on the „Craft“ project. I continued the project at home and talked about the progress I was making with my sister and exchanged ideas. After a time I finished my new cushion.

The parish where I grew up in Guatemala maintains the children dining hall “La multiplicación de los panes”. About 110 children get a warm meal for free during the weekdays. Every year, to celebrate the Christmas season the priest organizes a party for the kids and their parents.  

My sister and I brainstormed about which activity could we organize for the moms. Some of them have more than one job and mostly they do not have spare time for themselves. We wanted to prepare an activity that would make them feel special, a gift that they could take home and use in their day to day life.  Soon we remembered the Creative Morning Craft activity and got inspired by it.

An idea was born: a shopping bag self decorated by the moms!  

We organized the permits and also a team of family and friends for fundraising. On top we purchased all materials for decoration and my sister sewed the bags. At the end we were all set for the workshop: 60 moms and 1 dad joined us. The room was flooded with creativity. Each participant designed their own shopping bag using the materials in different ways. The smiles of the participants was one of the best Christmas presents!

We learned on that day that creativity is expressed in many different ways.  

Now we have a new challenge: the moms keep asking what will be the next Christmas activity.

Thank you CreativeMornings for inspiring us in this way!

Text by Cecilia Tejeda
Photos by Vera Drewke and Cecilia Tejeda

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