77: #cmINCLUSIVE 04/19

When different people come into our lives, they bring gifts.

We can blend the best of our wisdom with the best of theirs. We can teach and learn from each other to produce closer circles that foster community and commit to diversity. People who include with intention, raise their hand to do the work of embracing what is unfamiliar.

Inclusion is an attitude to consciously be open to ideas that come from outside of our settled ways of thinking or feeling. It’s about making a decision that comes from a place of love, of caring for others.

When you place inclusivity at the center of how you live, it has great power to heal, elevate new voices, and change the narrative of who belongs. As diversity advocate Vernā Myers once said, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Our Grand Rapids chapter chose this month’s exploration of Inclusive, Libby VanderPloeg illustrated the theme, and WordPress.com is presenting the theme globally.

We are delighted to have Erik Eklund share his story on #cmINCLUSIVE on April 26th at Territory Webguerillas!

Bio written by this human:

Hi there, Erik is the name and Human is the specie. I’m born in a world far far away with golden Chiquita bananas and seductive salsa dancers, but raised in a land ruled by IKEA (or Zlatan, we still argue about that). I mess with the perception of being and ignite the reflection of living, one life lesson after another. You often find me at 10.000 feet writing or in an exotic location like Cologne, giving a speech and guidance on how to create rich and healthy brands and lifestyles, with the hope to create a world where we all live a fulfilling life. In April’s topic “Inclusive”, I invite you, I challenge you, to come to explore how to connect with the humans behind the job title and foster inclusivity, by exploring the ancient force of vulnerability and storytelling. Your story matters!

Bio written by those PR humans:

Erik has been quoted as an “electric keynote speaker, a “muse” and awarded internationally for his “no bullshit” approach and ability to “put a positive spin on everything.” In 2017, Erik was recognized as one of Europe’s top influencers on LinkedIn as the Founder of Connecting Humans and Co-Founder of LinkedIn Local. After 14 years across 9 countries from China to the USA, often the youngest with a leadership role in companies such as Louis Vuitton and Shangri-La Hotels, with the mission to connect teams, leaders and customers, Erik started his own business. Now, he gives speeches and coaching on how to create and transform business and well-being through a human connection in leadership and communication. Erik’s vision is to create a world where we all live a fulfilling life, and within three years he has crafted an impressive portfolio of brands such as Johnson & Johnson, AXA, EIGE and Deloitte.

Full Talk:

Mornings impressions:

Full album on flickr
Photos by Vera Drewke


If you were unable to attend our talk with Erik Eklund at Territory Webguerillas, you really missed something! Thanks to Petra Sonnenberg-Greulich (Frau Sonnenberg), the morning is summarized and visualized in a great way for you.⁣ We ❤ it!⁣ ⁣⠀⁠

Interviews with Nadja Felk:

Nadja Felk ist unsere rasende Reporterin bei CreativeMornings Cologne.
More videos at IGTV or YouTube!

Im April hat Nadja am Morgen von unserem Event mit Sebastian Dieck gesprochen. Unser treuster Besucher und Speaker im Juli zu 5 Jahre #CMCGN in Köln …

Mehr von unserer Location im April gab es von Felix Schmidt. Er ist bei Territory Webguerillas kreativer Leiter (Creative Director) und erzählt von seinem beruflichem Werdegang und von Inspirationen im Alltag …

Und natürlich hat Nadja auch bei Erik Eklund noch mal genauer nachgefragt. Er kam extra aus Barcelona und hat uns mit seiner positiven Art direkt auf eine tolle Reise mit LOVE, ROMANCE and SEX mitgenommen …

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