We believe in giving a damn!

With the help of a local organization, we’re running a campaign to sponsor a teacher’s salary in Uganda. Donations will be collected on the teacher’s behalf at every event and progress reports will be shared with the community. 

In summer 2019, we’ll be celebrating five years of CreativeMornings Cologne in Cologne. It’s been fun seeing our little #CMCGNfamily grow from event to event. Meanwhile, our breakfast talks, which take place once a month on Fridays, have established themselves as a recurring event in many a calendar.

The mixture of well-loved familiar faces and newcomers makes every event unique. They are held at various locations throughout various Cologne Veedeln (city districts). Even after more than 50 events, we still have a lot of ground to cover. Exciting speakers are waiting for us at great new locations in Cologne through the end of the year. Yet, for some reason, we find ourselves thinking ahead to global themes for 2020, and are looking to download our ideas at some point. Does that sound German? That’s what it is…

But despite all the fun we have, the CreativeMornings guiding idea always remains in the back of our minds: “We believe in giving a damn!”

We are already mindful of this in many regards, as all of our events are free of charge, and thanks to great sponsors, fresh coffee, soft drinks and a small breakfast are also included. In addition, each event is accompanied by professional photos and video footage, so those who can’t make it can still have access to what was presented. When selecting speakers, we try to select people from different professions and backgrounds because “Everyone is creative. Everyone is welcome”. 

In Cologne, we are very fortunate, as the city is thriving, and the unemployment rate in the central city is under 6% (as of March 2019). Cologne is known as a media city and, as such, is attractive to businesses. In Cologne, people also help each other, and we are obviously proud of that. “Kölscher Klüngel” or not: “Uns jeiht et joot!”. 

And yet, there are countries where only a very few people are doing well.

Accordingly, Daniela Reinartz visited one of these countries: Uganda. Not to go on holiday there, but to help and to learn about the place for herself. With a suitcase full of donations, she boarded a plane to Kireka Banda (a slum on the outskirts of Kampala) with her best friend, Rabea, and attended the opening ceremony of a community center. This project was made possible by ESHE in addition to numerous donations, which covered rent over the following few months.

Nadja Felk im Interview mit Daniela Reinartz

ESHE has been backed by social worker Jackie Nakato since 2011. With her project, she helps young mothers and their children regain a foothold, get an education and earn money through meaningful work. Jacky and her husband are parents of three children (two of them being foster children), and she handles many things day after day on her own without support. Hats off to this power and the willingness to help others …

We have long talked with Daniela about what we can do to promote sustainability. And for that, we need you! Over the next few months, we would like to report regularly on ESHE’s ideas and developments as well as on the local situation. Even more Jacky would like to keep us up to date with videos and photos, and give us the opportunity to see for ourselves how much can be done with how little. Most noteworthy, a sponsorship to employ a teacher for an entire preschool class is about 100 EUR per month.

Considering that we usually go through 250 cups of coffee and 150 croissants or goodies per event, this is a small amount.

Therefore, there will be a small #CMCGN money box at all of our events over the next few months. So if you’d like, you are welcome to toss in a few small coins from your wallet. Of course it’s completely voluntary and not mandatory! But maybe with about 100 free tickets, we will be able to sponsor this important teacher, and give children from a poor country the opportunity of an education so they can someday perform honest work for a fair wage.

What do you say? Can we do it? We think so!!

(c) by Vera Drewke www.facebook.com/diedrewke www.veradrewke.photography

If you are interested in more information on the project, please contact Daniela Reinartz directly or our host, Nadine Prowaznik. A website with information will follow in April, and we will be hosting an information night at Veedelswerk. Until then, check out ESHE’s Facebook page. There are also opportunities to help Daniela onsite or to train the young mothers with training videos. “Any idea is welcome!”

Text by Nadine Prowaznik
Photos by Daniela Reinartz (
Social Spirit), ESHE and Vera Drewke

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