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Vera Drewke

Nadja Felk ist unsere rasende Reporterin bei CreativeMornings Cologne. Im September hat sie vorab unsere Sprecherin Vera Drewke zum Interview getroffen … Event-Seite: 82 #cmMUSE 09/19

82: #cmMUSE 09/19

Upcoming event:Vera Drewke am 27. September 2019 bei (SOLD OUT ➳ WARTELISTE) Whether you’re a mathematician tinkering with complex equations or a musician pairing discordant notes together, searching for inspiration can often send you in…

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Wan Raitelli #cmFRIENDS

Illustrating the small things in life  It was October 2018 I hopped on a plane with a one-way ticket to Germany. I landed in Dusseldorf and came straight to Cologne, with a relatively small suitcase…

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Rebecca Göckel #cmJUSTICE

Rebecca Göckel (NOMOO) at CreativeMornings Cologne, August 2019. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community. Check out our full event page with…

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