#02 FieldTrip „DIY Mug Library“

Wake up with a smile on your face. Have a small dose of inspiration every morning. Or just simply make someone happy by creating something personalised. Something like a DIY mug library!

22 February, 2019. 8:30 in the morning. Wertheim, Cologne. I came a bit earlier, having no idea what to expect. I saw two girls, running and preparing everything for breakfast. I asked if I can help. That’s how I became a member of the CreativeMornings family!

My name is Anna, I’m a polish graphic designer and a true DIY-er! No matter if it’s a skirt, plant or a home deco – every single peace tells it’s own little story…

 …and in CreativeMornings we love hearing other people’s stories!

As you may imagine, it didn’t take us long with Nadine to come up with a topic for our next Fieldtrip at Veedelswerk – creating a DIY mug library for our monthly meetings! In this blog post, I wanted to give you some tipps on how to create your very own collection of mugs!

 “How do I start?”

First things first! Gather your materials! For our workshop, we used 140(!) plain white IKEA 365+ mugs and special porcelaine paints and pens from Kreul. For straight lines and geometrical shapes, I recommend you to use washi tape. Just remember to take it out from the cup when the paint is still wet. Otherwise the whole design may go out together with the tape.

 “It all sounds great but what exactly can I paint on my mugs?”

You don’t have to be perfect in drawing. All you need is inspiration! Collect all you can find. Magazines, books, visit Pinterest. Just make a little research! By matching different elements from the designs you found, you can create something special and orginal!

Okay, now you gathered all of your designs. Great!

Before you start, make sure to clean your mug properly. My tipp: Use a nailpolish remover, it helps you get rid of all the dirt from the surface and helps you applying the paint way easier.

And now the best part. Just be creative! And remember: each mug is perfect! Because it’s made with love and passion.

 “How can I make my mug longlasting?”

 Last, but a very important step! Let the paint dry for at least 4 hours and put all of your mugs in the oven for 90 min in 160 degrees.

My tipp: Put the mugs in the cold oven and turn it on afterwards. It will prevent the mug from cracking. Done! Now enjoy your morning coffee.

It’s an amazing feeling to see everyone so motivated and coming up with such great ideas and designs. Every month we can present you now our own mug library – from Cologne districts, funny quotes to colorful patterns!

Can’t wait to some more DIY Workshops for CreativeMornings! Stay tunned for what’s coming next!

Text by Anna Dąbrowska
Photos by 
Anna Dąbrowska, Nadine Prowaznik and Vera Drewke

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