#01 FieldTrip „Collage“

Since I moved to Cologne, I attend quite regularly the CreativeMornings, because they are my personal Friday dose of motivation. I always walk into the weekend with great advice and feeling inspired.

When Nadine asked me to run the first FieldTrip for CreativeMornings I was super honoured. We met and discussed the details and after a month I found myself there, at Veedelswerk, waiting for the group to join me around the table with glue, magazines and a smile. I was a bit nervous, but I also felt grateful. With this workshop, not only I was going to have the opportunity to share my experience and passion for collage, but I was also going to inspire people to create art.

I often think that the world we live in is way too digital for me…

… and sometimes I sit around the table with friends and we end up communicating with each other through WhatsApp… quite scary right? So on that note, I said to myself, let this workshop bring people together to talk to each other, rely on each other and let’s be analogue for once!

In the 3 hours spent together, we had time to share ideas and laugh. Each of us cut out words out of the magazine and created a compelling poem. After we switched positions, picking someone’s else poem and creating a visual response to it. I am positively surprised by how well the group responded to the brief and how interesting the intersection between different people turned out.

Laying on the floor there were a series of witty, metaphorical and visually appealing artworks, each standing out for a different reason.

We discussed the stylistic choices and the meaning behind these, I heard people articulating incredible arguments, what a day! Each participant had a unique background, blending in an enthusiastic bunch of people, I couldn’t ask any better for my first workshop in Cologne!

I really enjoyed bringing my medium to the CreativeMornings FieldTrips and I truly hope I inspired the group; I have seen people playing with words and visual communication, without being afraid of making mistakes, but unleashing their creativity flow. For me this was a great achievement, I definitely look forward to my next workshop in September which will bring a new idea on the table for all my fellow artists.

I definitely look forward to my next workshop in September which will bring a new idea on the table for all my fellow artists.

Collage is the creative subversive technique, the performance of senses, that unexpectedly reveal new perspectives on reality.

More information about upcoming workshops by Emanuela Martucci:
Sat, 7 September 2019 (14:00 – 16:30 CEST) at
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Text by Emanuela Martucci
Photos by Nadine Prowaznik and 
Emanuela Martucci

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